Common Types of Aged Care Services

Are you searching for aged care services? It’s a great option regarding things like independence, flexibility, cost, and safety. There are also many kinds of services offered including the following:

1. Bathing/Shampooing

These might seem like activities that are a cinch to do. However, when you’re recovering from an operation or are disabled, for example, they can seem almost impossible to complete. However, these are also often aged care services. So if your elderly relative needs to complete these tasks, a trained caregiver can help with the process and make sure the tasks are done effectively. It’s important for people to feel fresh and comfy and one of the ways they can do that is through daily bathing and shampooing/conditioning

2. Laundry

Here’s another major task that in-house caregivers can provide for elderly/disabled patients. Even with the automation of washing machines/dryers, it can still be difficult for them to get their clothes and linens cleaned effectively. A caregiver can help! They have the know-how and experience to make sure the laundry is done regularly and professionally. This will allow the patient to maintain clean clothes and linens at all time, which is important for issues like hygiene.

3. Cleaning

Here’s another type of aged care services you can pick for elderly patients. It can involve basic cleaning like sweeping, mopping vacuuming, dusting, and so on. A home care professional can also help with more difficult tasks like furniture polishing and window cleaning. These are tougher tasks but are still ones that have to get done in people’s homes. Essential Home Care agencies can help with these tasks and make life easier for your loved one.

4. Errands

These can be tough for anyone. However, they’re especially challenging for elderly people who are recovering from a major operation. In fact, they might even have medical orders to avoid driving for a certain timeframe. Some caregivers are licensed and trained to do errands for their patients. This makes life easier for people because it can be very difficult to do such tasks.

5. Dressing

Getting dressed might seem like an easy task for most of us. However, if you’re elderly and disabled, it can be a very difficult one. The good news is aged care can provide this service and help your elderly loved one get dressed in the morning, change clothes when going out, and so on. The caregiver has been trained for such tasks so it will be quite easy for them to help the patient get dressed for whatever reason.

6. Medications

At-home caregivers can also help with medications. There will likely be more following an operation. So it’s important to take the right meds at the right time, and a trained caregiver can help with that.

7. Meals

This can involve cooking in the house or delivering meals. In both cases, the patient is provided with complete meals, which makes life easier for them. Cooking is yet another task that can be quite difficult due to the physical/mental state of the patient after a hospice stay, for example.

Which of these aged care services would your loved one need?

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